n = 2      
Love song about two mice in a cage
Brownian Emotion
Particle physics love song
Climate Shanty (Drunken Sailor Parody)
Sea shanty about climate change and climate action to the tune of Irish Rovers' "Drunken Sailor"
DNA Love Song
Love song of a purine singing to a pyrimidine on the opposite strands of DNA
GANs (Machine Learning Love Song)
About finding a lovely machine learning algorithm
About being shy, but not when it comes to talking about science
Starry Sky
About feeling insignificant in the universe, but it's up to you to create meaning
Oxytocin Me
feat. Charlie
Neurotransmitter love song
Bloodstream Battlefield
feat. Charlie
Epic battle between bacteria infection and white blood cells
NRG (Mitochondria Rap) feat. Charlie
Rap song about mitochondria